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[CFIG] Coinapult now integrated with Crypto Capital

Oct 15, 2015:
Building the New Economy Together

A Direct Exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin directly. Wallet Services, Merchant Services and More. At Coinapult we are dedicated to creating unique and useful financial tools to benefit the world. Coinapult is inspired by the financial inclusion supported by the Bitcoin technology. Coinapult provides tools designed to simplify Bitcoin with the long-term goal of world-wide adoption. You can now directly trade, send and receive USD pegged Bitcoin via the Mycelium App on Android.

[CFIG] 1BTCXE Open Source Exchange

Nov 20, 2014:

[CFIG] 1BTCXE is now live and accepting customers. 1BTCXE Is the first exchange built from the open source exchange code sponsored by Crypto Capital. Crypto Capital provides the complete open source via

WLOX is a white label, open source crypto currency exchange platform which integrates directly with the banking platform of Crypto Capital.

Crypto Capital provides Fiat Financial Services to Individuals, Corporations and Exchanges on one easy to use platform.

myHavelock Android App

May 08, 2014: Havelock Investments is proud to endorse the myHavelock Android App. myHavelock is an independent Android application for monitoring the performance and status of your Havelock Investments bitcoin stock portfolio. This application does not require any personal or login information, it only requires an API key from, with read-only portfolio access, generated and controlled by your account.

myHavelock Google Play

Please consider donating to support development of this free app directly to its developer! 1JXgV2fAGyMRfNoLH5U6LL4xLCbXBWn3fF

Heartbleed / OpenSSL Statement

Apr 07, 2014: We would like to assure all our customers that the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability has not affected Havelock Investments. We use Cloudflare to protect the website, and Cloudflare was proactive in fixing the issue before public disclosure ((Cloudflare Blog). We have however, performed a full security upgrade to the fixed libssl library, as well as upgraded all services utilising SSL/TLS. Further, all internal host keys and certificates relying on SSL/TLS have been regenerated.

Thank you,
Havelock Investments

Account Security

Feb 21, 2014: We have recently upgraded our security features and your account may have gotten temporarily LOCKED if you did not have any of the security features enabled. Please email us at [email protected] from your account's email address to have your account unlocked. Once you log back into your account please remember to enable the security features we offer to protect your account.

Thank you,
Havelock Investments

Rental Starter (RENT)

Feb 05, 2014: Havelock Investments, is pleased to announce the listing of the Rental Starter (RENT). For more details please visit the RENT Details Page.

Bitcoin Difficulty Derivative

Jan 28, 2014: Havelock Investments, is pleased to announce the listing of the Bitcoin Difficulty Derivative funds (B.EXCH, B.MINE and B.SELL). For more details please visit the B.EXCH Details Page.

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