Units Outstanding77777
Last Price฿0.00006500 (~$0.04)
Market Cap฿5.0555 (~$2823.55)
Last Dividend฿0.00000900 per unit on Mar 10th
Next DividendN/A
Annual Yield166.15%
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Any Capital raised by Havelock Investments on behalf of this Fund will be placed in escrow. The raised capital will only be distributed to the Company based on a per performance basis agreed by Havelock Investments and the Company. In the event that the Company is no longer able to continue operations, all of the remaining capital in escrow will be refunded to the Unit holders equally.

Market: www.7cbit.com

First Economy for Bitcoin owners, Seventh Continent is a Global Bitcoin denominated Marketplace of products and services.

Our motto: Earn and Learn! Let your Bitcoins make you prosper.

Seventh Continent offers fair trade conditions for everyone: let us build a better future together!

Comparative advantages:

• Seventh Continent Market is a new skill based investment opportunity for the Bitcoin community.

• Fair play, transparency, equal opportunities!

• “One Market One Trading” model means no OTC trading, no credit risk, no scams, no cheating possible, also prevents monopolistic positions and stealth or fraudulent second market transactions.

• Overtake the zero-sum game paradigm! On Seventh Continent Market digital products will be sponsored by brands (for instance energy drink will be renamed Red Bull, a rented car Avis sedan, hamburgers Big Mac or Whopper etc) paying a small advertisement fee each time a digital product bearing their brand name is sold on the Market. The fee will be divided fifty-fifty between users and operator. This way the sum of cash circulating on the Market will always be higher than the sum invested by the users!

• Investment risks on the Seventh Continent Market can be kept to a minimum since customers own the trading businesses and can have a relatively high influence on prices.

• Seventh Continent has currently no direct competition. Nevertheless it has the enormous advantage to create its own competition by opening very quickly new market places (China, South Korea, Germany, Argentina, Russia etc) in different cultural environments listing local products, in different languages, multiplying user base and sources of income alike.

• When real money for digital goods with no return loses its shine, a skill based market place where players accumulate fame and fortune stands a chance of being a real success.

• Brand new HTML5 front-end since May 2014.

• Free BTC / USD exchange started on May 7th

• Users will have the opportunity to list their real companies on Seventh Continent Market in 2015.

Business model:

Register a company in Bitcoin > Purchase resources > Trade > Make profit > Cash out or Reinvest your Bitcoins back into the Bitcoin Economy.


Funds raised will be used for the following events and developments:

• New HTML5 front-end launch in May 2014

• Trading Rally on May 17th 2014 - Participation of unlimited number of users registering at least one digital company and participate with a minimum of one Bitcoin competing for 77 hours to win the first prize 7 Bitcoins. Three goals will be met: 1.awareness, 2.confirm a solid user base, 3.profit (first dividend) As a result we hope 7C unit value will dominantly increase.

• Open new markets and/or regional platforms if necessary.

• New Trading Rally events

Please contact us for more details or questions. You can also read detailed description of Seventh Continent on GUST and AngelList.

Follow us on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/7thContinent7

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seventh-Continent/211200048970317?ref=hl

Thank you for your interest and time reading about us.
Gregory Adam Harmati PhD - CEO Seventh Continent Ltd.